Before Long, Even Your T-Shirt Will Be Connected to the Internet

Imagine turning your t-shirt into a display device, connected wirelessly to the Internet.  Regardless of whether this video is simply a marketing stunt or preparation for a Kickstarter campaign, London-based CuteCircuit built a cotton t-shirt with over 1,000 LEDs arranged in a 32 x 32 grid, plus a camera, microphone, speaker, and accelerometer.

Further imagine using an iPhone to program and interact with it.  Or using a service like IFTTT to connect it to Twitter, Facebook, or other cloud-based services.  Or maybe to sensors that measure your heart rate, and then display a beating heart on your t-shirt.

This professionally produced video is a remarkable view into the future of connected devices - literally, even what you wear will be woven into the fabric of the Internet.